Getting The Most From Your IT Consultants

September 11, 2013

Your business is different from any other – and it’s imperative that your IT support provider understands your unique technology needs.

However, there’s often a wide gap between the IT services that were promised and the IT services that are delivered – and the business bears the brunt.  As Jay Goltz, a US-based entrepreneur and small business owner says : “Amassing the financial, technical and staff resources necessary to solve a technology problem can be very difficult for a small company. But there’s not much choice; the market does not stand still.”  And this is yet another reason why your business needs the best help it can get when it comes to IT support, technology and computers, Perth-based IT support company, Perth Computer Repairs says.

OK, so how to choose an IT solutions provider who’s going to deliver the goods?

  1. It’s all about the relationship – can you talk to them, asks the Perth IT support company?.
  2. Do they talk in riddles – or do they speak your language?
  3. Ask them about their previous experience working with businesses similar to yours – and ask about their clients.
  4. Check references if need be.
  5. You may want to work with an IT solutions company that has several employees – so you can get the benefit of their collective experience and skills.
  6. Get a feel for their longer-term vision … do they talk strategy?  Cloud-based solutions etc?
  7. How do you want to structure your IT services plan?  Regular maintenance, back-ups, security etc – or on a ‘need’ basis?  Make sure the IT consultants are clear about what’s involved, say the Perth IT support specialists.
  8. Ultimately, the firm that you choose to help you with your computers and your IT has to be more like a business partner than an IT support company.  They have to be genuinely interested in the mechanics of your company and they should be committed to helping you achieve your strategic objectives.

And a final word on choosing who you use for your IT consulting, Perth Computer Repairs says, is regarding certification and integrity.  “From Microsoft to Apple, their credentials need to be genuine and so do their products!”.


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