Should I Repair My Nintendo Wii?

March 17, 2014

Among the top gaming consoles on the market today, The Nintendo Wii promotes a social oriented gameplay. Unlike the other main players such as the Xbox and the Sonly PlayStation. Until the Wii came along most gaming systems were geared toward an individual spending time in front of a screen by themselves although sometimes in network mode with other virtual players. The Wii is a vastly different experience as it brings more people together in the same room.

I never considered Wii repair until one night while I was unwinding from work and playing the Wii with my family I decided to do an update to my Wii system. It was then that I noticed I had only 3 Gigabytes of memory out of the total 8 Gigabytes I had in this system. It was then that everything started going downhill and started to get very stressful. My whole system started getting really sluggish and slow and not reacting to simple things such as trying to access system setup or open a simple small image.

Once these problems started to pop up. I decided to go out and buy a thumb drive and add to the system. This seemed to be a temporary fix as it appeared to work very well at the beginning but after a small amount of time other complications started to appear. I was told the USB port had become outdated and as a result the transmission of data slowed down and the amount of power was being limited to 500mA of current per port. Then it was time to find Wii repair. I had to find a way to resolve all of these issues and get my Wii fixed once and for all.

I originally thought that sending my Wii out for repair was the answer but soon realized that I was not comfortable with that and decided I need to do the repairs myself. I proceeded to get the Wii Fix Guide and was back up and running in no time. The only problem I had was a little question about a procedure. One email to the free support was worth more than anything else as I got a quick and correct answer and was up and running again!

One of the options that popped up first was sending my Nintendo Wii for Wii repair to a Wii repair house. From what I gathered there were a lot of mixed experiences on the internet and word is a lot of the repair houses are not reliable. To top it off they can get expensive and the hassle of shipping these can be a bit stressful. Then I came up with some reviews on a Wii Fix Guide. There were plenty of good reviews and to top it off there was free email support. I knew that this was the right way to go. I am not a very technical person but I am good with my hands and do well with good directions. I enjoy doing things like this and saving money. My family was totally astonished when I turned my Wii back on and we were up and playing again after I made the repairs and upgrades.

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