5 Reduced Calorie Concoctions

July 4, 2013

Sitting down and enjoying a few cocktails and jokes with your pals is undoubtedly great during days off. But it would be a waste of all that effort in the gym attempting to lose weight if you are taking a sip too many of these blends. Well, every day life is short and having a great time ought to always be on the agenda. Well some can merely loosen up while enjoying a hair treat using Moroccan Argan oil, but some really need a drink or two to soothe the nerves. So just in case you need something that will not impact your diet, here are a few low-calorie blends that one might consider as they try to lose weight.

The Cosmopolitan Replacement

Take some vodka which is raspberry-infused, include some club soft drinks, dash some cranberry, as well as toss a few lime. What you can get is a fantastic cosmopolitan drink which is totally lower in calories. But watch out on how much booze and fruit juice one places on these glasses for doing this will surely increase those calories one step further. Who said that you will need to give up that most loved drink while slimming down. Have a shot or two.

The Altered Mojito

Sugar is one thing that is perhaps constant in mojitos. Should you be on the bar try purchasing it with simply a couple of drops of syrup and more lime. But if you’re the type of person who is very imaginative and ready to try different things then take hold of that shaker. Next, place an ounce of vodka together with cucumber, essentially 2 chunks. For that sugar option add honey and fresh lime juice, preferably 1/2 ounce. Never miss the cold green tea herb which should be about 2 oz.

A Different Type of Margarita

The best thing about getting a margarita when you are on a tavern is that it will not genuinely have a standardized serving size. So it is hard to determine the amount calories you took in. The best thing that to do if this is your kind of drink should be to buy that shot of tequila on the rocks, ask some extra lime, and a small splash of soda that would probably be around One hundred calories.

The Best Gin and Tonic

There is not a lot of contrast between tonic water and soda pop when it comes to sugar or calorie content. Most of us do not fully realize this. In case you are serious in minimizing your calorie consumption why don’t you try obtaining soda water coupled with gin in equal components. Splash it with some tonic as well and you will have a drink that is about 20-40 calories not as much as the normal gin and tonic.


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