Best Dessert Wines In New York City

December 8, 2013

What could be more delightful than finishing off a superb meal with a great pudding? Pairing that pudding with the perfect dessert wine naturally! Alas, finding the ideal pair isn?t the most simple task. Luckily for amateurs many experienced wine drinkers have tried and selected the most well liked pudding wines. It can be said that there is an ideal pudding wine for every person. These 4 wines are alleged to be some of the best pudding wines out there. Each, served alone or twinned with a tasty pudding, are fantastic selections for each season.

Hogue Cellar’s Late Harvest White Riesling (Washington)

Made in Eastern Washington the climate is perfect for manufacturing late crop wine’s. It is not surprising that Hogue Cellar developed a Riesling with a tangerine and apricot flavor. The wine is tolerably sweet and crisp. Enjoy a glass served with a warm piece of apple pie and experience a delight.

Warre’s Otima 10 Year Tawny (Portugal)

Christmas dinner will never be the same if finished with a delicious slice of pie coupled with this light-body Port. The robust odour or vanilla spice mingled with rich tastes is a vacation must have. Pairing a bottle of this savoury Port with chocolates makes the ideal Vacation present as well.

Saracco Moscato d’Asti (Italy)

Picture a nice Spring walk to the wine bars in New York City and imagine you were to come across a savory piece of New York Cheesecake, this Moscato is the perfect partner. It’s ripe peach and honeysuckle flavor make this “frizz ante” light and sweet in the taste and palate feel. It is not surprising that this Moscato is regarded as one of the most popular dessert wines.

King Estate Domaine Vin Glace Pinot Gris (Oregon)

This Ice Wine is formed out of fresh frozen grapes that are pushed to make a sweet delicious flavor. This wine is alleged to be perfect alone for a sweet pudding. The scent of tropical fruits, apricot, banana, tangerine and a touch of spice make this wine renowned for it’s varietal character.

When exploring the arena of good pudding wines, it is often great to check out various wine bars. New York City wine bars are among some of the best in the country. For every season there is a delightful dessert wine for the sweet tooth in everyone!

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