Eating In New York: Top Chinese Restaurants

December 11, 2013

Chinese dining in New York is amongst the highlights any visitor should experience. If you want to consider family friendly Chinese restaurants in New York, there is a great list to select from that you will not find it even in the best New York hotel guide. All of our suggestions provide a really immersive Asian experience.

Chinatown Brasserie

Regularly credited for having the best Szechuan in Manhattan, the Chinatown Brasserie is among the top places to find Chinese family friendly dining in New York. Located at 380 Lafayette Street (note: not in Chinatown essentially), you'll find great Dim Sum, reasonable costs and a big menu to select from. The atmosphere has a high end feel, and many reviewers have called it clean and snug. The service is fast and known to be particularly helpful, which is generally useful when you have youngsters!

Flor De Mayo Restaurant

Should you be looking for family friendly Chinese food in New York with a smile, then come to Flor De Mayo Restaurant. Found right in the heart of Broadway at 2651 Broadway you will find some of the finest food in New York. Here you can enjoy a wonderful meal in a clean traditional setting. The staff is fast and the service is excellent. This restaurant is touted by many as amongst the best family friendly Chinese restaurants in New York.

Hop Lee

Another top option for Chinese family friendly dining in New York is Hop Lee Restaurant, found at 16 Mott St, 1. Hop Lee has an abnormally high rating on Urban Spoon at 96% (most we see are at about 65%). This is a local favourite, known not only for the superb decor, but also the savoury Cantonese food. This is not the normal Americanized Chinese food, but a very legitimate experience. That isn't work for some families trying to find the more common variety Strip Mall-Chinese food, but the indulgent portions, local setting and reasonable prices should make the risk worthwhile. For the reasons stated and more, we made a decision to include Hop Lee in the list of great family friendly Chinese food in New York.

The Red Egg

Found at 202 Centre St 1, The Red Egg is a unique Chinese dining experience offering a blending of Chinese and Peruvian cooking. They offer you a Dim Sum menu, a Little Plates menu, and a Chinese menu with a wide variety of decisions at cost-effective prices. It is noted as among the most popular places in the town, but the service has received varied opinions (bad and good) from some of the more popular cafe review sites. For more information visit.

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