How To Cook Asparagus

November 24, 2013


Asparagus is finger licking scrumptious, full of nutrients and very effortless to prepare. Asparagus is actually a gourmet’s delight and doubles up as one of several healthiest foods that have very low calories; low sodium levels and is wealthy in fibre.


Asparagus is really a great source of folic acid and contains wholesome levels of thiamine, vitamin B6, potassium and several much more micro-nutrients. Furthermore, its higher levels of glutathione are powerful cancer fighting properties.

That said, we mainly don’t consume asparagus for its medicinal properties, we love asparagus for its delicately ready flavour.


Many folks adore cooking asparagus with good-quality olive oil, however, it is possible to get pleasure from asparagus within a variety of foods, salads, stir-fries, risottos, pasta, scrambled eggs and numerous much more delicacies.

Here is a excellent recipe to cook excellent Asparagus



Asparagus comes in three colours: Green, Purple and White. However, green Asparagus may be the most well-known. Purple asparagus comes having a fruitier flavour. White asparagus is not so common; it really is white in colour on account of being buried below soil which blocks chlorophyll production. White asparagus comes having a milder flavour.

For the perfect asparagus dish, appear for asparagus that is certainly smooth, round and has firm spears that has closed tips. No matter whether your preferences are thin or thick stalks look for asparagus which is uniformly green as the lower down the green extends, the tenderer the asparagus will likely be.



It’s not actually essential to have your asparagus peeled. Nonetheless, cut off the fibrous base and throw it away just before you commence cooking. Wash it completely below cold water to get rid of all the sand and soil residues.

Tip: For simple cooking, asparagus should be tied with each other and in bundles using a bottom level and extraction should you decide on to steam them. This approach will make the asparagus retain their flavour and nutrients.



Asparagus is actually a dish that may be consumed even though raw. Nonetheless, a lot of individuals prefer obtaining it lightly cooked. In most cases asparagus is steamed. For the very best cooking approach, location the bundle, stem side down within a pot that is certainly tall and has two inches of boiling water.

In case you consume asparagus frequently, you can find tall and narrow steamers that have been made for asparagus cooking. Cover and steam the asparagus for 5-8 minutes, this can be however dependent on the thickness from the spears.

Note as the ends on the asparagus get boiled, the guidelines are in the exact same time being steamed to perfection. Right after time is up, the finish result should be vibrant green, crisp and tender spears.

In the event you do not wish to steam your asparagus, there are lots of more cooking alternatives for example; roasting, stir frying and microwaving. How to Cook Asparagus



Asparagus might be served either hot or cold. Nevertheless you serve it, you need to not let your asparagus sit in water, reason becoming, its flavour and texturing will probably be damaged by water. If you are utilizing a recipe that calls for cold asparagus, just plunge the stalks into icy cold water as soon as you finish cooking. Get rid of the asparagus quickly.

Deeping the asparagus into icy water and removing it immediately stops the cooking method and assists in colour and crispiness preservation. Your asparagus is now prepared to add to your favourite recipe.


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