Jacob’s Creek Pinot Noir Wine Review

November 27, 2013

Wine has a long rich history stretching back to 3000 BC – when the worlds first known winery appeared in a cavern among the craggy areas of Armenia. Fast forward thousands of years, and wine is the most commonly recognised and consumed alcoholic beverage. Australia got it’s first fast of wine on the day it was found in 1788. Captain Cook and the First Fleet brought with them the cuttings of vines from SA – which was then the largest provider of wine to Europe. These primary plantings did not take, and that wasn't until the early 19th century that the first successful vineyards were grown. It wasn't till late in the 20th century that Australia’s wine production became more well known across the oceans to mainland Europe and the Americas.

Johann Gramp planted his first vineyard on the banks of Jacobs Stream in the Barossa Valley, South Australia, in 1847. Originally known as Gramp & Sons wine, the first bottle of what's now known as Jacob’s Stream wines appeared in 1974.

Amongst a colorful and large range of wines produced by Jacobs Creek, an extremely popular wine is the Jacob’s Stream Pinot Noir Vintage 2013. It is awfully well priced, with it available for $9 from most leading bottle shops and cellars.

The smell is light and sweet and is really quite refined, which is amongst the powerful point of this wine. It has got a extraordinarily delicate pink color, which is reasonably attractive. The taste is absolutely impressive! It is a good medium bodied pinot, which has beautiful fruit flavours that explode on your tongue. The flavours that come through are strawberry and black cherry, but there are more berries that linger on the tongue.

The residual taste is something you must experience for yourself, as it leaves you with a sweet mouth, and also makes you want to take another sip. As the sweetness lingers on the tongue, it implies a great wine to accompany your lunch or dinner, as it's not too overpowering.

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