Jacob’s Creek Vineyard And Evolution

December 16, 2013

Jacob’s Creek is a name that's linked with wine. They have been making great wines for many years, and they just keep improving! In reality you can trace the origins of their wine all the way back to 1837!

A man called Johann Gramp planted the 1st grape vine in the town of Jacob’s Creek, and from this spawned the multi million buck wine company that's Jacob’s Creek. Over time Johann bought more land, rocketing the quantity of grapes they could grow.

In 1872 Johann passed down the vineyards to his child Gustav, nevertheless it wasn't until 1912 the family registered their first company name – G. Gramp & Sons. They produced wine under this name until 1976 when the first wine to bear the Jacob’s Creek brand was created. This wine was a vintage blend Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Since that point there have been many wines to come out wearing the Jacob’s Creek label, and in 1984 the company decided to take it’s wine outside of Australia and start selling in Britain. After this proved to be a hit, the company started exporting to Nations across the world.

Fast forward to today, and Jacob’s Creek remains one of the forerunners of the wine industry, not just with the wine they produce, but also the tourism they bring to Australia. In 2011 they won the Qantas Australia Tourism Awards for Best Tourism Restaurant and Best Tourism Winery.

Of the prevailing batch of wines produced by Jacobs Creek, the Jacobs Creek Pinot Noir Vintage 2013 is a very good drop. It has got a great powerful taste and is a great wine to sample of the Jacob’s Creek range. So if you are new to wine, and are desiring to taste some of the best wine on the planet , you’d better get down to the local bottle shop and look at all the amazing wines Jacob’s Stream has to offer!

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