Shardonnay In New York

December 8, 2013

Too infrequently do folks bask in the rich history of Chardonnay. Its history will moisten the palate and improve the mind allowing folk to brilliantly show off its history at parties and social events. Chardonnay is a drink for fans and casual drinkers alike allowing all to partake in the elegance of correct drink and stylish socialisation.


Maybe one of chardonnay’s most fascinating characteristics is its origin. Very similar to its taste the history of chardonnay leaves it to be a confusing and curious wine. It’s most likely origins are from the town of Chardonnay in the Burgundy wine area of southern France. It is from here that its name most likely is derived, very like Champagne springs from the Champers area of France. The French before Californians have the wine market cornered and this places Chardonnay’s historical background even closer to the guts of the French and the homely quality of belonging to a niche French village allowing for more character to the name “chardonnay” itself.

Chardonnay’s Travel to the United States

Not everyone can travel to France to enjoy chardonnay but instead plenty will be well placed to find themselves enjoying it in wine bars in New York City. Chardonnay is a favorite among many people inhabiting New York City wine bars, but how precisely did the wine get there? Curiously the move to the US came during a craze of cheaply imported wines called “chablis” into the US. Chablis referred to almost all of the French dry table wines from the Chardonnay grape in the US and later the name would simply be collapsed to what is now drunk in New York City wine bars as simply “chardonnay”.

Classic New York

The classic New York style chardonnay that is being consumed the most really comes not from a single express style of chardonnay but from a variety of different chardonnays that are creamy and smooth on the palate and gently fermented. In The United States the classifications on wines are far more loose compared to the specificity of the French, so drinking a chardonnay in N. Y is sure to yield different delightful results than it really would in France. This allows for the growth in a number of companies and labels manufacturing different chardonnays enjoyed by drinkers and enthusiasts across New York City wine bars.

Benefits of drinking a New York Chardonnay

Drinking a chardonnay from The Big Apple means more flavour in contrast to other parts of the US. The Chardonnay grape is well suited for the climate of New York which is cool and allows for a more definite and stylish ripening of the grape itself allowing for a rather more delightful bottle of wine that can't be received somewhere else in the US.

Chardonnay’s presence and history is such that should be enjoyed worldwide and in the United States. It’s presence historically has left a delicious palate for drinkers alike around the world and provided a rich cultural integrity that can be carried on the shoulders of connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike.

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