The Simplest Way To Consume Wine

December 26, 2013

Many would disagree that drinking wine is amongst the best pleasures in an individuals life. And whilst the activity of drinking something is sort of easy, there are a few procedures you need to follow to get the most from your wine. There are various steps for red wine and white wine, so in this post we're going to teach you the right way to drink red wine.

First off you will need to open the bottle of wine, and the most reliable tool to use here is a corkscrew. These are going to be available at most bottle shops and shops, and you don’t need to buy a costly one as even the simplest corkscrew will accomplish the job! You need to cut the foil that is sealing in the cork, and then you need to insert the corscrew into the cork by turning the corkscrew. Once the corkscrew is in the cork, use the corkscrew to gradually lever the cork out of the bottle. If the wine is 1 or 2 years old you need to take care not to hurt the cork as this can taint the wine.

Once the bottle of wine is open the next step is to pour it into a wine glass. Fill the glass up about 1/2 way, and do not forget to twist the bottle at the end to reduce drips from the bottle. Now comes the best part – the smelling and tasting!

Swirl the wine in the glass in order to break up the aroma into the air. Once you have swirled the glass a couple of times, place your nose at the top of the glass and smell the wine. If your wine is a shiraz, the aroma should be powerful and bold when you smell it.

Now you want to sample the wine. Sip the wine from the glass, but before you swallow the wine, swirl it around your mouth so your tastebuds can capture all of the flavours. After swirling it in your mouth, swallow the wine and then wait for the aftertaste to linger on the tongue. If you follow these steps you are sure to get the most from your wine!

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