The Usage Of Coconut Milk In Malaysian Food

August 28, 2013


Coconuts are abundantly offered in tropical countries such as Malaysia. Naturally, coconuts are utilised to prepare several Malaysian staple foods. The coconut milk pressed in the grated coconut flesh is the part of the coconut mainly utilised for cooking. Its distinct flavor and silky texture contribute to the unmistakable uniqueness of Malaysian food.


Coconut milk contains a high concentration of lauric acid, that is verified has a higher level of nutritional value. It’s cholesterol and trans fatty acid free. Coconut milk is actually a nutritious ingredient employed to prepare a wide array of Malaysian food.


The following are four popular Malaysian foods includes coconut milk as 1 of the key ingredient.


Nasi Lemak


Nasi lemak signifies creamy rice in Malay. However, the creamy texture is very a lot different from risotto. Extended grain rice is utilized as opposed to aborio rice. The rice grain are washed repeatedly till many of the starch is removed. Freshly pressed coconut milk together with screw pine leaves, ginger, onion, fenugreek and seasonings are added.


Nasi lemak is mostly served in addition to hard-boiled egg, roasted groundnuts, fried anchovies, cucumbers and chili paste.  Chicken curry and rendang beef are served alongside for the far more luxurious version of nasi lemak.




Rendang has been voted as the number-one dish in the world by an independent survey by CNN in 2011. The large scaled survey that involved thirty 5 thousands men and women worldwide had confirmed the status of rendang as the undisputed tastiest dish on the planet.


Coconut milk plays a vital component in preparing rendang. Nearly half on the content of therendang gravy is coconut milk.. Lemongrass, ginger, galangal and chili are among other ingredients for the gravy.



Rendang is usually a meat dish. Beef, chicken and lamb will be the typical meat and poultry to cook rendang.


Some rendang recipes involves grated and roasted coconut flesh. It is referred to as kerisik in Malay. It thickness the sauce and add coconut flavor to the rendang


Chicken curry


There’s a number of chicken curry but basically can be decided into the dry and wet variety. The dry kind generally does not contain coconut milk nevertheless it is necessary for the wet kind.



The wet curry can be a stew cooked with water and coconut milk. The volume of coconut milk can be any quantity between ten to twenty-five % from the water. The curry is additional thickened by the inclusion of potatoes. Red chili remains the key ingredient.


Other widespread spices are cumin, coriander seeds, lemon grass  fenugreek, turmeric and ginger. These spices are blended to form a mixture of powder ( curry powder ) to cook the chicken.



Other curry Malaysian dishes needed coconut milk are curry soup noodles and curry fish head. The curry of these dishes are far more  diluted comparing with wet curry. Potatoes are often not inside the recipes.





Satay is meat pieces related to kebab of middle east and chicken tikka of India. Satay is served with satay sauce, that is basically groundnut sauce with lots of coconut milk.



The meat pieces  are marinated using a quantity of spices for example lemon grass, galangal, turmeric, chili and grilled on charcoal.  It really is served hot and dipped in to the groundnut sauce although consuming. The accompaniments are cucumbers, raw onion rings and rice cakes referred to as ketupat.


Kajang can be a small town close to Kuala Lumpur.  It is possible to uncover the very best satay in Malaysia at Kajang. Numerous restaurants and stores which sell satay in other places bear the name of Kajang satayto signify the authenticity of their satay dishes.



Sri Muka


Sri muka is actually a unique Malaysian dessert ready with coconut milk, glutinous rice, screwpine leaves and flour.


The glutinous rice and  coconut milk are steamed together till it is cooked, then fluffed and pressed once more to type the based layer. Then, the mixture of screwpine leaves extract, flour, sugar, eggs and coconut milk are mixed with each other and pour on best in the rice layer. It’s returned towards the steamer to cook till it’s set on top on the rice layer. The final dessert for that reason had a green and sweetened flour based layer on prime in the savory rice based layer.



Sri muka can be a typical Malaysian cuisine that fully utilized the magical flavor of coconut milk.  It really is a well-known dessert among the Malays, Nyonya also as or ethnic group within this multicultural county.






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