Yacon Syrup For Weight Loss

February 20, 2014

Yacon syrup can be made from yacon plants in Andes Mountains. The syrup is extracted from the tuberous roots of the yacon plants that are used as a sweetening agent. The caramelized sugar and the syrup have very similar taste. Yacon are usually eaten by people from Brazil, Ecuador and Peru because of its nutritional attributes. Various studies have been conducted to know the benefits that these yacon root crops can bring to the person’s health. In 2002, a study was conducted by Yoshida et. al about this root crop, and discovered that it is better than potato, eggplant, and mushroom as a source of antioxidant. The University of Sao Paulo, Brazil also conducted their own study in 2007, wherein they found that it has high levels of fructans that is why they concluded that eating this root plant improves the absorption of nutrients and minerals. High amounts of natural FOS are found in Yacon.

Furthermore a study done by Genta et al., reported that taking yacon syrup everyday can significantly help decrease body weight, BMI and waist perimeter when it was given to the obese pre-menopause women. How can it lead to losing weight? Is it really effective?

The yacon syrup has three main ingredients which are the prebiotics, fructooligosaccharides and insulin. This type of syrup is low in calories, as these sugars enter the colon by bypassing the digestive system. It acts like fiber that helps in regulating the bowel movements, this is very beneficial for individuals who are overweight and are struggling with constipation. The fructooligosaccharides can help change the activity of the hormones related to digestions that includes the hunger hormone ghrelin. When the abilities of these hormones is improved, then suppressing your appetite for food is easier. It makes you feel fuller for a long period of time that is why your craving for food lessens. A person’s immune system and digestive functions improves with the presence of lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, and the fructooligosaccharides serves as the food for these good bacteria.

Keeping our body fit and healthy is very important. If you want to stay healthy and alert, then make sure that you are only eating healthy foods. If you want to know more about yacon syrup, we recommend you visit this website by clicking here.


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