Gardening Tips

September 17, 2008

Here are some tips on gardening which have worked for me very well. The internet, gardening clubs, books, magazines and your local nursery could prove to be invaluable resources to get more information on gardening. You need to know how much sunlight your garden would get, tips on using fertilizers, mulch and type of soil. You would also want to know the kind of tools that you require plus the type of tiller and watering system which are required to give you best results.

Tip #1: Take a piece of paper and start writing down your plan on how you want your garden to be. Keep the plan in front and call a friend to discuss the whole matter. Of course write down anything that comes to mind.

There is a factor that can come between you and the success you make out of your garden. One of the important points to consider is that all plants may not grow well in the same kind of soil. For growing vegetables or herbal plants, use organic fertilizers as they will not affect the natural flavor of the food. Instead of using ordinary chemical fertilizers, try using any good compost or even wooden chip mulch.

Its valuable returns are incredible. Though fresh home brew compost is a rich source of nutrients, it may not be as realistic as one imagines, for the herbal and vegetable garden. Though mulch is a good alternative to home compost mixture, ensure that you use redwood or pine as it breaks faster. Ensure that you mix the ingredients well whether you prefer to use mulch, compost or fertilizer.

Gardening Tip #3: to have a final look at what your garden would look like, lay the plants on top of the soil, once it is prepared. According to some guides, plants with like characteristics should be planted together. Large plants with a big radius for instance should all be grouped together. Segregate taller plants from the shorter plants and plant the former at the back – so that you can see all the plants.

Gardening Tip #4: Remember to water your garden. For a big house, keeping your garden in ship shape is a tough task. I advise using an automatic watering system because that almost makes gardens grow themselves. Your automatic watering system can start from a huge sprinkling system to a small timer which is attached to the hose. Gardening can be an engaging and rewarding pastime which gives you pleasure, beauty and of course, food also!

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