Do You Have a Problem With Snoring?

June 24, 2009

Forty five percent of the population are estimated to snore, which is a big problem for their partner who sleeps with them. Snoring can be a serious problem which makes it very important to see how sleep patterns are affected.    People who wake up in the morning and do not feel rested, have headaches, fall asleep at inappropriate times, have memory difficulties and low energy may have a more serious problem.  They should consult a doctor about it because they may be suffering from sleep apnea, which means they stop breathing multiple times during the night. This can be fatal if left untreated.  Don’t despair, you can find relief from snoring.


Individuals who suffer from snoring have many different treatments available to them. Blocked nasal passages are a common cause of snoring. The reason snoring is so loud is because of vibration in the palate and throat tissues.

Certain lifestyle changes can help many people with their snoring problems.  Alcohol, smoking and overeating all contribute to snoring problems.  One way to reduce it is by not overeating just before bedtime, not eating dairy products within a few hours of going to bed, exercising more often, and reducing the intake of caffeine.

Simply sleeping with your mouth closed and sleeping on your side can help contol snoring. Many devices can be used to help people do these things. A chin strap is a device that is used to help keep a snorer’s mouth shut while they sleep until it becomes a habit.  There are pillows and mattresses that are designed to help a person to sleep comfortably on his side but uncomfortably on his back, thus training him to sleep in positions that are not as conducive to snoring.  There are also other ways to treat snoring.

Medications such as throat sprays are used to lubricate the throat. Allergy medicine can also be used because it reduces swelling in the nasal passages.

There are several different reasons for snoring and just as many options to help a person stop snoring.  It’s well worth the effort to try.


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