The Dangers of Diet Ephedra Hoodia Pills

August 25, 2009

So, you’re looking through hoodia diet pill reviews, and you come across one that says diet ephedra hoodia pills are the best thing you can take to lose weight. You shouldn’t believe it though. Diet ephedra hoodia pills can actually be dangerous. Stop taking diet ephedra hoodia pills right away if you are currently taking them. Visit your doctor and get a full checkup to make sure you’re healthy enough to be starting a diet regimen as well as if you’re healthy enough to be taking any supplements. It’s a good idea to take the diet ephedra hoodia pills you’ve been taking with you so you can show the doctor. If your doctor okays them, then they may work for you. However, your doctor will be much more likely to tell you that you just need to exercise and diet without the pills.


Until recently, ephedra was a stimulant used in many weight loss pills. It has now been banned since people have experienced heart palpitations and even died from taking it. Nowadays it’s very difficult to find any supplements that include ephedra. You can still find ephedra pills and supplements, but these are usually sold online through the black market. It is possible to get ephedra through a prescription, but only if your doctor feels it is really necessary. So if you have your hands on diet ephedra hoodia pills, and they didn’t come from a doctor, then it’s likely they’re illegal and you shouldn’t be taking them anyway.Buyer beware though when looking to purchase pure Hoodia Gordonii extract as there are many companies out there who produce a less than superior product. For a well-tested and highly rated product read our Hoodia Balance Review.

What is Ephedra Plus Hoodia?

Hoodia is a natural supplement that helps control hunger. Hoodia alone can help you lose weight by helping you control how much you eat. Taking diet ephedra hoodia pills is not healthy because you are combining two very strong substances that do two very different things. As a result you’ll get a faster metabolism, but you won’t feel hungry. You may lose weight quickly, but you are going to lose muscle along with the fat. You’ll essentially be weakening your body. Avoid this dangerous combination at all costs.

You don’t need a diet ephedra hoodia pill to lose weight. With a little hard work and dedication to a good diet and exercise plan, and a little patience, you’ll lose the weight. Soon you’ll find your clothes fit better and you’ll see that you’re losing weight without doing any damage to your health.


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