The Thermogenic Diet Will Help You Lose Weight

April 3, 2014

Human bodies lose heat all of the time. Our bodies use up heat for everything that we do, like walking, sleeping, eating, talking, etc. This is the basis for our bodies’ daily energy requirements. But when we consume more calories than we can burn in our daily activities, they end up as fat deposits and this is the main reason for obesity secondary to a sedentary lifestyle. Living comfortable lives and lifestyles where we have home heaters, we ride the car or the train to work, and sitting all day in the office has decreased our capacity for natural thermogenesis, decreasing our chances of burning calories.

Good thing there are now thermogenic supplements that can help us. Thermogenesis is the process where our bodies produces heat as a result of locomotion and movement. The more activities we do, the more energy we spend and the higher our body’s basal temperature gets. This increase in the body’s temperature is currently being studied as a possible way to help fight the high obesity rate in the world. This is because metabolic rate also increases with heat causing fat oxidation and more energy consumption.

Thermogenesis works in the adipose tissues, the brown fatty tissues. This brown fat has been known to be the hardest fat to lose. However, using thermogenic supplements like OxyElite Pro will promote burning of these hard to get brown adipose tissues. Another reported benefit from these supplements is also the reduction in hunger and appetite which promotes further weight loss.   

Thermogenesis stimulate the deep body fat deposits. And there isn’t just one thermogenic agent, there are several of them in the market. Several studies have cited that thermogenic agents are most effective when used in combination with each other. This is what supplements are doing—combining several agents to make up the most effective weight loss drug that makes use of the body’s natural ability to lose weight. Read about OxyElite Pro here to find out more information on how you can lose weight using you own body heat.

However, improper use of thermogenic agents have been linked to liver toxicity and other related diseases in the past. So as a safety precaution, always consult your physician before starting any medication or nutritional supplementation for weight loss.


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