Use Positive Reinforcement To Lose Weight

June 30, 2010

Most people have got it all wrong when it comes to the issue of weight loss. It is not a matter of how you good, it’s a matter of how you feel. Of course you want to look good, but you will only look good when you also feel good inside.

There are a million weight loss programs out there and they all take the same angle in their advertising. They show before and after pictures that are designed to both make you feel ashamed and feel hope that you can lose those extra pounds if you use the recommended product.

Cell u loss and other products designed to smooth out dimples caused by cellulite are fine. That’s not the problem. The real problem is in the effect those fat thighs have on your physical well being. Only when you lose the weight and experience an increase in your personal health will you appreciate the real value of dieting. In some cultures, fat thighs are considered sexy, but that doesn’t make them healthy.

The worst part of this obsession with the way fat people look is the trauma for them. A big reason why people binge eat in the first place is because of shame. They are so ashamed of themselves they won’t even sit down on wooden bar stools, for fear of breaking them and being laughed at.

What if, somehow, someone was able to give you positive reinforcement instead of negative? That would spark something inside of you to make a positive change in your lifestyle. You would believe in yourself rather than believe you are a loser. In the last analysis, that’s what spells the difference between success and failure in any weight loss program.

One thing you can do is read about healthy foods and all the good things they do for your body and your general sense of well being. Then you will be motivated to try them. Once you get on a healthy diet program, it will just feel so good, you won’t want to stop. That’s a far more powerful stimulus than the desire to look good for the sake of others.

Combine right diet, exercise and some natural dietary supplements and you will notice dramatic increases in your sense of personal well being. That in turn will motivate you to make even more improvements to your diet.

Why would you want to listen to those who want to embarrass you into weight loss, anyway? Are they the kinds of people you’d want to hang out with? While they are putting their skinny butts down on modern bar stools and gossiping about you, you can be out enjoying life and the confidence that comes with an improved lifestyle.They are the losers, not you!


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