Petrol Remote Controlled Cars

November 3, 2008

RC cars have moved into the big boys league with petrol and gas powered large scale models that make anything else in the RC field look like toys.

The typical scaled down size of these petrol powered monsters is 1/5th actual size but you may also find some 1/10th models. You will find scaled down versions of buggies, monster trucks, F-150, Mercedes racing car, and other road race cars. The range is sure to expand as more people get involved in this growing sport.

With RC petrol cars of this size you obviously need a bit of room to play. Your back yard just isn’t going to make it. One of the advantages of the buggy is that you don’t need a smooth sealed surface to enjoy some action. There are always plenty of off-road areas available to play, including unused bmx tracks and beaches.

Take the HSP buggy as an example. It is over 700mm long (28 inches), and uses a 2 stroke 23cc pull start motor with spark plug ignition (no glow plugs). The engine is 7 times more powerful than a typical 1/10 scale car, with enormous torque enabling it to do huge power slides. HSP are the world’s largest supplier of RC cars so getting spare parts shouldn’t be a problem.

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