Divorce Lawyer

March 31, 2008

In the unlikely event you have to retain the services of a divorce lawyer, you will need to know you have the right one; you will want them to possess certain attributes for instance:

 *Have successfully practiced this area of law for some time *Have the correct bearing for this type of work *Be responsible

The best attorney to employ is one who, for at least half their time, is dealing with divorce cases and is fully skilled in mediation techniques. They will need to be someone in whom you can place your trust and feel comfortable working with so if these criteria cannot be met then you will need to look elsewhere.

Attorneys that tend to follow the mediation route are good at giving settlement advice but you may need an attorney who is more familiar with courtroom settlements. The most important thing is to be very well prepared whenever you contact your divorce lawyer so know your facts, what you want to ask about and exactly what you want the lawyer to explain or do for you.

Costs are always an issue so write down everything you want to ask and in a logical order always making sure there is an accurate record of times dates and the duration of conversations. As all costs relating to law and legal advice are costly, try not to visit them at the office unless absolutely necessary; this can be achieved by using the phone or mail.

Your attorney is there for advice and any foreseeable legal actions so do not rely on them for anything but what you are paying them for, and especially not as a shoulder to cry on. When you talk to a divorce lawyer, stick to the facts and don’t complain about things your spouse did unless you actually want your lawyer to do something about.

Being in control of your own case and your own life is the single best thing you can do, so it is essential that you have a lawyer who can work on that basis. If they are there purely to act in accordance with the legal issue of divorce it will be more efficient utilization of their services and you will be making the decisions. As the person paying for their service, you should expect to be sent copies of any relevant documents and if there are any issues that need to be clarified that a prompt response by them is expected.

Don’t think that you have to enter into proceedings armed with a lawyer in tow as they aren’t always necessary although you may wish to speak to one just for advice on a marital settlement for example. After you have organized all your facts and read about how the law works in your case, if you still have questions about the law or the likely outcome, write all your questions down and ask your lawyer. If you have employed a divorce lawyer to help you with a marital settlement, whether you have compiled it yourself or asked them too, it is easy to ask them for additional help if the case does not proceed according to plan.


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