What does a Lawyer do

March 26, 2008

Lawyers are individuals who have successfully trained in legal matters; some people refer to them as attorneys or advocates, sometimes as legal advisors. In criminal or civil trials in court, the lawyer representing the client is then called an advocate; many never appear as an advocate, happy to work in areas that do not require this type of representation. There is a slightly different set of circumstances if they provide legal counsel, when they are referred to as legal advisors; this is usually when client requires guidance and possible courses of action.

One who primarily practices law in a courtroom is a trial lawyer; it requires a more confident type of personality, someone who is quick thinking.However a great deal of a trial lawyer’s time is spent outside the court; they investigate evidence and interview people involved in the case.

The law is a great guiding force in our world and every aspect of our lives is touched by it too some degree; it affects everyone’s life from negotiating a house purchase to organizing a will and the reason why lawyers are governed by a very strict code of practice. Depending on what area of specialization they work in will decide whether they practice in a courtroom; although they are all able to represent their clients in this manner when required.

There are many areas now where a lawyer can specialize; some of the areas of specialization could be:</P> <P> <UL> <LI>Probate <LI>Aviation Law <LI>Contract Law <LI>Marine Law <LI>Fraud </UL>

The number of specialist areas of law is also the reason why only a few ever practice in a courtroom!

The environment also as a branch of law where they might act on behalf of the government, private citizens or companies; for instance:

<UL> <LI>Public-Interest Groups <LI>U.S. Environmental Protection Agency <LI>Oil Companies </UL>

Often this work will be mundane as it involves planning applications and licenses for example; however, they also protect companies where claims for damages are being sought.

A growth area for attorneys in recent years is that of intellectual property rights; an area that has increased owing to the use of digital products; music and video for example. Lawyers who have decided to become experts in Insurance Law are often used by insurance companies in a permanent capacity; writing insurance policies, investigating claims protecting company assets are just a few areas where their knowledge is useful.

Despite these different areas of legislature, most attorneys will practice in the field of either criminal or civil law; in criminal law, they represent individuals who have been charged with crimes and argue their cases in courts of law; whereas civil law affects areas like wills, trusts and mortgages for example.

Some handle only public interest cases both civil and criminal; these cases may have an impact affecting communities in general, not just an individual, and can involve anything from government regulations to property interests. A few lawyers decide to use their knowledge to help the defense and rights of those less fortunate in foreign countries; this type of work is more about helping those are not able to have legal representation any other way.


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