How to Get My Ex to Return My Calls

September 22, 2008

Have you tried phoning your Ex and left messages on their answering machine but never had a call back? Leaving messages and waiting for the return call that never comes can become extremely frustrating. What if I told you that you are most likely doing something wrong and that there are more successful approaches that you can use to get your ex to phone you back.

Like most things in life the solution is quite simple once you are aware of it. Without the correct approach you may push your Ex further away and significantly reduce the chance of a reconciliation. Let me share with you a couple of simple strategies that have been very successful in getting ex’s to return calls, but first lets look at the wrong way of doing things.

If you are making these mistakes then you need to stop them immediately. You are placing yourself in a very weak postion if you plead or bargain with your Ex. Never let your desperation show in your messages or conversations. You automatically give the other person the upperhand in any negotiation or outcome if your desperation is obvious. Another mistake is telling lies. If you exaggerate or lie about your situation in order to make yourself look better or more desirable in their eyes you are almost certain to be found out with disasterous consequences.

It is fairly obvious what is wrong with the previous approaches but you would be surprised how many people make these mistakes. Because of the emotional turmoil you are experiencing you may not be thinking clearly and do or say things you wouldn’t normally. What you need to do instead to increase your chances of getting your Ex to respond to your calls is to leave a happy sounding message that catches their interest.

As you leave a message be sure to smile as you talk. Believe it or not, smiling while you talk results in a change in tone in your voice. Try it and see – you can actually hear the smile! Make sure the message gives your Ex a reason to call you back. Look for positives in your past relationship or in their personality and compliment them. Make sure it’s genuine and not fake or it won’t have the desired effect.

Stay way from the negatives. Don’t mention anything negative or use words that will rekindle negative emotions.Keep the conversation 100% postive. If you know you are going to be leaving a message then write it down on a piece of paper and edit it until it sounds right. Re-write it as many times as you need to to get your message across in a postive fashion when you finally make the call. Use their name and if you can, try and peak their curiosity. People are naturally curious and find it hard to resist. Combine that with a bit of genuine flattery and you may have the winning formula.

Too often in relationships we emphasize the negatives and ignore the postives. To get your Ex to phone you back you just need to do the exact opposite. If there is still a spark of feeling there you may be able to reignite the spark back into a blossoming romance.

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