Awesome Features Of The Garmin 2597LMT – Make It Easy To Control With Voice Features

June 17, 2013

GPS systemis now possibly notjust a means of presentingguidance and information to ourdestination, but alsoa variety ofusefulfunctionscan be foundon a GPS device. At least that is the things i find while using the Garmin 2597LMT GPS. Products are present since the beginning of 2013, it has a complete feature and make it much easier and allows the driver to hear the information without needing tolet go of the hand from the steering wheel. And therefore, not only that, the Garmin Nuvi 2597LMT can also help to answer incoming phone calls to your Smartphone wirelessly.

For the size and shape, at first, it doesn’t look differences with other identical Garmin products, although Garmin 2597LMT isslightly slimmer when compared withtheir predecessor. Its also uses a 5-inch touchscreen display which is quite sensitive and also quite easy where you can navigate using your finger.

Fascinating Voice Capabilities

In addition to thetouchscreenattributes, some of the most caught my attentionwas the voice capability. By using Garmin Real Directions, you are able toenjoy the “spoken turn-by-turn directions” that couldidentify landmarks, buildings and traffic lights. The sound produced by the Garmin Nuvi 2597LMT is incredibly natural, so it such as you are conversing with a friend, not a robot. Voice features on Garmin product is not completely new, however the sound quality on the Garmin 2597LMT is really aimprovement of its predecessor, and so the results are verysatisfying. You could also use voice command navigation and Garmin 2597LMT are able tounderstand it, and provide direction informationyou need.

Viewpoint Display

You can find severaleyesight on the displaywhere you canchoose including Bird’s Eye junction view and PhotoReal junction view. Bird’s Eye junction view show pictures from the above, while PhotoReal junction view shows junctions and interchanges along your path, including the around landscape. Nuvi 2597LMT will alsoshow road signs along your travel. The bright color of the arrow signifies the way that you can actually go through.

Smartphone Link Features

Something elsewhich iseen also fascinating is Smartphone Link app. Smartphone Link app is a cost-free app to link the Nuvi 2597LMT with your Android smartphone. When you arelinked, you can share information including where you parked, POIs and your destination to your friends. What is more, you can also access the Garmin Live Services, which is a free real time information about the weather and traffic conditions. In addition, you can receive incoming phone calls for your Smartphone by using Garmin 2597LMT wirelessly utilizing Bluetooth feature.

Some more Features

Yet anotherfeature is that you can enjoy is a complete service informationjust like restaurants, fuel stations, hospitals and stores. Garmin 2597LMT GPS can also read out the name of the road that you are going through and provide school zone warnings. And anothermorereally essential could be the free maps updates for lifetime.For more information, you can click here.


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