Garmin 3597LMTHD – A Portable And Very Intuitive GPS System

June 16, 2013

Ease of mobility andease of use is certainly afascinatingthingconcernsme personally. Garmin 3597LMTHD expressedits superiority in this regard. If you are a frequent traveler, particularly if youneed tospeedilyarrive at the destination, Garmin 3597LMTHD is traveling friendsincludingtrustworthyguide.

Put suction cup that includes magnetic powerinside yourcar, and put Garmin 3597LMTHD within theposition at suction cup, and nextyou can starttraveling. Garmin is notutilize a bracket to hold this device, however the strong magnetic power is able tohold Garmin 3597LMTHD quite strong, even though itlooksonly stick it on suction cup.

Voice prompt featurefound on Garmin 3597LMTHD is one of the supporters associated with portability. Garmin 3597LMTHD can spoken “turn-by-turn directions”. It means that youdo not have to bother anymore to take a lookdirectly intothis product when driving. Garmin 3597LMTHD will be able toidentifythe location and also the situation around your road, and willnotify you the name of the street you are going through, intersections, traffic lights, building and even school warning.

Garmin Nuvi 3597LMTHD Capabilities

Garmin Real Directions and Garmin Real Voice is the name of the feature which are able toallow voice guidance. A female’s voice would certainlysound natural when providingthe infoyou are looking for. You may also navigate through voice commands. Garmin Nuvi 3597LMTHD can easilyunderstand your voice and quicklygive thenecessary information.


Another advantage is definitely the HD Digital Traffic, that is a feature designed for updating the maps instantly. HD Digital Traffic can perform updates every half a minute, it’sten-times fasterthan any other comparable products. HD Digital Traffic will alsocover a large areas, which include intersections, streetor perhaps alternative route that you canpick. When in a traffic jam on the streets, the Garmin 3597LMTHD can easilyinformthe time the delay will probablyhappen and offer the fastest alternatives route.

Smartphone Link is a free application presented by Garmin for connecting Garmin 3597LMTHD with the Android Smartphone to exchange data. Moreover, this application is also able to access the Garmin Live Services that is a weather and traffic information services in real time.

Bluetooth is also found on the Garmin 3597LMTHD can help youconvert Garmin 3597LMTHD into a hands-free for your Smartphone. Microphone as well as speaker are found in Garmin 3597LMTHD can serve as a media of communication for you when making or receiving phone calls.

5-inch touchscreen display also makes it simple fornavigate. Along with 1-2 tap, you could already get the information on your destinations immediately. The picture quality is bright and clear, and also maps displaying directions on yourdesired destination in bright color. You can get2 viewing viewpoint on the display screen. Bird’s Eye Junction View to see the map from above and photoReal Junction View which displays the map realistically, Such as surrounding landscape.

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