People Central On Psychometric Testing And Recruitment

December 7, 2013

People Central Ltd is a Hawkes Bay company focusing on psychometric testing and assessment. A typical buyer will be an employer that is wanting to hire an employee.

“The employer either brings us in at the beginning of the process or, thanks to a niggling feeling that they're missing something, we come in at the end”, asserts Steve Evans, Director and Founder of People Central. “Having a unbiased third party on the selection panel provides great understanding for the employer, especially when the third party is qualified in psychometric testing!”.

In Evans experience, most companies hire people based on their ability, and fire them on the grounds of their personality, customarily at considerable financial expense to the employer and emotional cost to the employee. Evans claims “Psychometric testing falls into two main categories, personality questions measure sides of personality and aptitude tests measure intellectual and reasoning capacity. When referring to recruitment, ability testing is glorious for working out if an applicant has the core capabilities necessary for greatness in a job. Many employers don’t realise that it is a indisputable fact that interviews and reference checks alone don’t qualify when referring to determining someone’s ability to get the job done. “

The kinds of psychometric testing People Central recommend would be peculiar to the job, but Evans says that a standard capacity test would cover: oral and numeric reasoning, abstract reasoning, clerical accuracy and ability to check, industrial proficiency, and technical ability. Personality tests identify applicants whose behavior aligns with behavior associated with fulfillment in a particular business. When undertaking psychometric testing for personality, the factors below can be identified: whether a candidate is likely to value and support a business culture, competencies and aspirations; how they are probably going to engage with team-mates, clients, and providers; and how they are probably going to handle the pressures and strains of the job.As for that niggling feeling, Evans understands that bosses can feel like they are in a pressure cooker situation, “Often there is a deadline approaching, and a large quantity of work to be done, otherwise companies feel that there’s a low pool of talents available in the community. “

Evans urges companies to bring in a professional to undertake psychometric testing, he is saying “The result is going to be invaluable for the employer”.

People Central specializes in psychometric testing and has an intensive network of experienced and professionally qualified people in most New Zealand centers.


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