Toy Cars Radio Controled

November 18, 2008

Toy cars radio controled make great birthday or Christmas gifts for boys under the age of 12. I should point out that there are also radio controled toy cars that are suitable for the over 12 age group. The difference between the two types of cars is due to two factors – features and price.

The term “toy” or “toy-grade” in regards to radio control cars is used to describe vehicles of the pre-assembled type generally found in discount stores and consumer electronics stores. They are often colloquially referred to as “Radio Shack cars”. Some toy-grade R/C models may also be found in hobby shops in an attempt to appeal to young users. Generally speaking, a toy radio controled car is meant as a child’s plaything.

There are disadvantages to toy cars radio controled. First is a lack of spare parts. Toy R/C vehicles are meant to be played with until they fail. Stores selling the vehicles rarely carry spare parts beyond replacement batteries and chargers. Some basic parts may be available from the manufacturer – both Tyco R/C and New Bright have a basic parts list enclosed with their models – but they can be prohibitively expensive and parts may take several weeks to arrive from their Asian factories. Second, radio equipment, unlike hobby-grade, is non-standardized and non-repairable unless one has the necessary tools and equipment. Except for RadioShack’s line of ZipZaps toy radio controled cars, their XMODS line (which falls between toy- and hobby-grade), and their recent Pro-Pulse series of cars, no aftermarket parts are available for toy R/C, although an enterprising modeler may be able to retrofit standard, discrete radio gear to them. Third, control response on some toy models comparable in size to hobby-grade vehicles is often slower than hobby grade, which actually makes those toys difficult to operate with smoothness and precision. An example is the aforementioned 1/4-scale Escalade and Humvee; they are promoted as having “semi-proportional” steering.

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