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March 27, 2008

Orlando vacations are notoriously hectic especially with all the attractions the kids want to visit, but there is so much more to enjoy in this busy city. Orlando Town is also your destination for museums, galleries, historical places, edifices, flea markets, churches and much more. Although it wasn’t always this full of attractions, it has been pulling in visitors for many years and its popularity does not seem to be diminishing.

As one of the most tourist centered cities in the world, Orlando a great deal to offer including large shopping malls, restaurants of every type, night clubs, bars and many specialist shops. The city has its own charming identity and attractions but the majority of people taking an Orlando vacation arrive here in order to visit possibly the happiest place on earth.

Although Zoos have taken a bit of criticism in recent years, their value to education and the preservation of species cannot be dismissed and the Central Florida Zoo in Sanford is one of these. Privately owned, this zoo is also a botanical garden run by a charitable group whose purpose is to protect native and endangered species around the world.

Then there are the works of Louis Tiffany whose famous collection is housed here in the Morse Museum of American Art. This collection comprises Tiffany art glass, clayware and ornaments plus the chapel interior designed for the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893.

Whilst it may seem that Orlando has been created for the entertainment of children that could not be further from the truth as there is plenty here for everyone. Entertainment in the evening when you vacation in Orlando is as sophisticated as you wish and as diverse as that found during the day; catering for young people, families and adults.

The Orlando Science Center is another of the major attractions and its four-story center is the biggest of its kind in the Southeast; offering 10 exhibit halls that allow visitors everything from the Florida swamplands to the dry plains of Mars. If your preference is in railways then the International Trolley and Train Museum on International drive will be a pleasant surprise with 14 trains running continuously and three waterfalls in a space of about 4,000 square feet.

For something a little different there’s the Titanic Exhibition which tells the story of the ill fated Ocean Liner performed by a character from the ship; the displays contain some original salvaged items and at times the tour is very moving. Of course if you prefer something more relaxing then you should visit Lake Eola Park, situated in the heart of downtown; this is the city’s main attraction with 43 acres of beautiful sidewalks and a boating lake.

Of course how could anyone possibly visit Orlando without a visit to at least one theme park; and for those of you who are unsure Disney has four; not including the water parks; Universal has its own versions including Seaworld. The good weather in Orlando means vacations are normally enjoyable throughout the year; it can be very busy during some of the major holidays.


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