Jelly Glutton FB Game Review

December 25, 2013

With the amazing good fortune of King’s candy weigh down Saga and Farm Heroes Saga, it’s handiest natural to see other builders check out their hand at a level-based match-3 game on facebook: and that’s what gamers were given with Jelly Glutton. follows machine monster named Jelly that wishes now nothing greater than to consume all the sweet treats in lifestyles, one fit-three stage at a time. You’ll be able to assist him fill his stomach, and whilst Jelly Glutton may not be the most original sport in life, it’s nonetheless lovely fun to play.


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each and every stage of Jelly Glutton comes with a unique final purpose and a distinct degree structure, however most simply ask you to earn a selected choice of points by swapping sweets, pastries and cookies vertically or horizontally to make matches of three or extra like-images. some of the most fundamental levels see you earning points the use of a limited amount of moves. but later stages can turn into more complicated, via including stumbling blocks like holes to the board, or jelly squares that must even be do away withd, along with requirements that may see you making fites with a set number of a unmarried more or less image.


while the extent goals may fluctuate, the sportplay fit doesn’t. Tright here’s now not as a lot challenge here as in video games like candy crush Saga, even though that sport’s jelly device has been introduced over (simplest certainly one of their many equivalentities). that is due mostly to the considerable provide of energy-united states available in every one stage. whether or not you merely make a instantly line fit of four or five symbols at once, or you are making a extra complex fit in a T or L form, these actions all result in power-u.s.a.. some can transparent complete rows or columns from the board, at the same time as others do away with all like symbols, regardless of their region. Bombs may even take away five0-75percent of the images on the board at once, leading to issues earned for every image destroyed.


although those power-usa are incredibly, neatly, basic, they aren’t hard to earn way to the restricted collection of particular person symbols in every one world. It’s also not exhausting to search out power-usa that have fallen in line next to one another. quite than just sitting tright here, touching power-u.s. will if truth be told fuse, creating something much more impressive, and permitting you to electrocute or another way get rid of massive quantitys of symbols once they’re activated.


regardless of a degree’s purpose, the issues you gather allow you to earn as much as three stars on every one degree. Your rating may be in comparison to those of your friends on each degree’s explicit leaderboard, and you’ll be able to play every one as many times as you’d like to extend your earlier high rating or earn extra stars.


while the vast majority of Jelly Glutton is a match stress-free enjoy, there are a couple of hitches that keep it from being best possible. For one, avid gamers aren’t allowed to make a match with another set of symbols while the animation from a prior move is still in action (many combos take a very long time to finish), and the sport’s timed levels (which ask you to earn at least X collection of points at the same time as on a timer) actually move on for a ways too long. The timer handiest ticks down at the same time as the board is completely stationary, which i assume is “honest” to the participant, nevertheless it also implies that the ones avid gamers with lots of reflexes and skills with those kinds of video games will spend five mins or more on a single degree that has a timer of most effective 75 seconds, with no variety.


Imitation is it appears the sincerest form of flattery, so King will have to be lovely flattered by the advent of Jelly Glutton. The games are extremely identical, but Jelly Glutton holds its personal with its great amount and massive number of energy-u.s., in conjunction with adorable images and an ease of sportplay now not match discovered in the more difficult experiences it’s replicating. should you’ve discovered your self caught on a degree in any other equivalent game on fb, Jelly Glutton is certainly a amusing way to fill in that void.


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