Relax, Repair Your Wii, And Play Some Games!

March 4, 2014

Have you ever been playing your Wii and have it go blank on you and felt completely lost with nowhere to turn to repair you Nintendo Wii? Are you like me and do not trust the UPS, Fed X, USPS shipping centers with your precious electronics nor do you trust the so called repair centers that employ not-so competent technicians? Don’t feel like you are alone. There are plenty of us that have been in your situation and frantically working to come up with a viable solution to get your Wii repaired and running again without having to send it half way around the world and risk loss or damage. I came up with what I thought would be the best option, repairing my own Nintendo Wii. You heard me right, I said repairing my own Wii. From what I understood, there are a handful of things that go wrong with the Wii console and with a helpful troubleshooting guide it is fairly easy to repair your Wii. Especially if there is some sort of support system in place to ask your own specific questions if needed.

This is my own story on how my Wii went bad and I had to come up with a solution. Playing one night on my Nintendo Wii with several friends and my Wii went dead! Playing Wii with my friends and family is one of my favorite pass times.

So what did I do? I had my apartment to myself and plenty of time to play, all night if I wanted to. But I needed to repair my Wii and fast. It was malfunctioning and I knew I had seen information online about repairing a Wii at one time or another.

Of course I did explore a few conventional options such as sending my Wii in for repair. To one of those no-name repair shops with some guy named Bubba sticking his dirty fingers in my faithful Wii companion. No way. For starters who is going to guarantee fast and safe shipment to the center and secondly who says the shop is going to not cut and run with my Wii or try to fool me into paying hefty prices for un-needed parts and repairs or just keep my Wii and never send it back.

Probably the most memorable one is that it arrived working but has an ungodly number of scratches that were not there before. Now who do I blame this on? The shipping or freight company for not caring for my Wii in transit or do I blame the repair facility and some guy named Bubba, working on my Wii with his dirty fingers. I’m just a little too obsessive compulsive so I just gave it away.

In plain words this is my second Wii gaming console and I am not what you would consider wealthy by any means and I do not feel like flipping the bucks for a new console. Particularly knowing this is probably some common problem that happens with a lot of Wii’s and can easily be fixed using a good Wii repair guide. Though I do not have much technical training I am good with my hands and love to tinker with things so this is the route I am choosing to take.

I proceeded to follow my thoughts online and see what I could find out about the DIY Wii repair or Wii Fix Guide that I had previously heard about in one of the gaming forums. After spending some time with Google I found quite a bit of information on the Wii Fix Guide. I do not buy into anything without doing serious product reviews so I spent about an hour on research and concluded that the Wii Fix Guide was the answer to my problems. A fellow gamer in one of the forums made it a serious recommendation and gave me his story on how it helped repair his Wii. The icing on the cake was free email support! This is nowhere included in any other Wii guide or forum.

Well, after visiting the website I was able to erase any doubts that were left. The site was professional and answered most of my questions and also confirmed the question on email support. Email support is offered at no extra cost. This guy will even tell you if your Wii is too far gone and then refund the book if you find no value. Great guy!

So long story short, I downloaded the Wii repair guide and had my Wii up and running the same night and I was a much happier with my stress gone and my Wii fixed.

For more information on Nintendo Wii error codes check out this website


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