Video Game Tester – Home Work As A Xbox Game Tester

January 28, 2011

Do you want to home work as an Xbox game tester?  This article will explain more about how you can become a video game tester and get paid to test play games.  Gaming firms are hiring outsiders to test their video games to find the bugs and error before it release to the public. 

Unless you like playing video game otherwise you will find video game testing roles quite boring and difficult, it might consume a complete day of your time for testing one game.  Basically to become Xbox game tester you have to be employed by Microsoft, it does not critical to know programming or game development skill as long as you adore playing video games they’ll hire you.  Essentially the game company will send the report and copied of the game thru post mail to your step, your job is to check play the video game and report any mistake or bugs you found in the game to the gaming company. 

The report will have questions like “What did you think of the in game menu?  (Was it simple to navigate, enter and exit different modes, etc…) ?Was there any obvious game bugs?” and “Overall, How did the game perform?  (Playability, replay capability, graphics, etc…)” As a Xbox game tester you will be require to supply an in-dept evaluation of the game you have tested and report any bugs or glitches you have discovered in the game.  After you’ve finished with the report you can mail it back to the game company but allow keeping the copied. 

In order to become Xbox game tester, first thing you need to do is to find the source where it has gathered a catalogue of gaming corporations that are hiring new game testers.  Whether the company need to hire you it depend on your resume.  You need to write an engaging profile and give a good reason why you wish to become a game tester. 

The pay rates are customarily go from $10 per hour to $30 an hour.  It depend on your experience, if you’re a noob the game company will pay you at a lower rate, if you have previous experience in game testing they will pay you at a median rate, if you have programming and game development skills you’ll be paid on above average rate.

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