Slimming with Hoodia

March 31, 2008

Perhaps the most significant discovery in the control of weight has been the Hoodia plant, a natural resource which is making a huge impact in the world of slimming; the discovery of the Hoodia plant has given real hope to many. Of course it was only a matter of time until the diet industry added Hoodia weight loss products to their range; each year the number of people becoming overweight is increasing so the market for this plant is huge. You may in fact be surprised to learn all the benefits this natural resource has to offer people who are desperate to shed unwanted pounds.

Well it is actually a cactus-like plant with 13 species. One species in particular, Hoodia Gordonii, is being investigated for use as an appetite suppressant. It grows in the Namib and Kalahari deserts in South Africa, having the unique attribute of reducing or even eliminating appetite. It is now considered one of the most effective natural appetite inhibitors in the world, so, there’s no wonder, weight loss treatments using this ingredient are all the craze.

The cactus was in fact studied for quite some time by scientists around the world before it was allowed to be used. In one particular test a team of BBC workers who were on a tour, each ate a Hoodia leaf. Not one of them felt the need to eat or drink for a whole day and there were no ill effects as a result of this.

Unlike many other appetite suppressants, Hoodia weight loss products do not have any side effects. One doesn’t need to worry about the adverse effects common to other weight loss products such as an abnormal heartbeat or digestive problems. The strange thing is the fact that whilst the product is being used, it does not make the user feel tired or listless.

This does not mean however, that you should discontinue healthy eating and drink regularly during the time you are taking it. For people with unnaturally large appetites that are prone to putting on weight then the Hoodia weight loss pill is a safe way to control the desire to eat; the body still needs food and drink however, otherwise health will be adversely affected. Ideally, this is how Hoodia should be used, especially in obese people, just to control how much they eat.

Remember the cactus is found in remote areas and is rare so weight loss products containing the extracts will be expensive. In many areas where a product is expensive, unauthentic Hoodia weight loss pills and other supplements allegedly containing the plant are readily available on the internet. Be warned if you see them at very low prices, it is unlikely to be the genuine product. When you find something that appears too cheap to be genuine, think twice before you order it over the Internet. Real Hoodia is worth every penny, but unauthentic products may do more harm than good.


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