Guide To Buy Womens Golf

December 17, 2008

Many womens golf clubs are inspired by top female golfers like three time majors winner, LPGA Tour member Nancy Lopez. Other women simply see their husbands and boyfriends getting so immersed in the game that they figure that rather than becoming the quintessential “golf widow,” why not join in on the fun?

It doesn’t matter what your background is to this point. Some women are lifelong athletes, others are new to any sport and come to golfing as true novices to pros altogether. The good news is, all new golfers have to go through a learning curve so there’s no reason for you not to learn everything you need to about shopping for female golfers as easily as anybody else.

Remember the Rules for Shopping Choosing Womens Golf

  • LADIES FLEX-Driver speed swing less than 60 mph (100 km/h). Driver carry distance less than 180 yds. Club used from 150 yds. a 3 iron or wood.
  • SENIOR or A FLEX-Driver speed swing 60-75 mph (100-120 km/h). Driver carry distance 180-210 yds. Club used from 150yds. a 4 iron.
  • REGULAR FLEX-Driver speed swing 75-84 mph (120-135 km/h). Driver carry distance 210-240 yds. Club used from 150 yds. a 5 or 6 iron.
  • STIFF FLEX-Driver speed swing 84-93 mph (130-150 km/h). Driver carry distance 240-260 yds. Club used from 150 yds. a 6 or 7 iron.
  • X-STIFF FLEX-Driver speed swing over 93 mph (150 km/h). Driver carry distance 260+ yds. Club used from 150 yds. a 8 or 9 iron.

Here’s some information about two examples of the best high and mid-level range golf clubs that you can look for on the used market. In other articles we’ll discuss other options.

BEST female golfers BRAND NAMES

Brand Callaway Women’s Big Bertha I-brid Iron Set—

Pros: It’s one of the top-of-the line golf sets around and it’s specifically designed by and for womens golf clubs. This set features so-called “I-Brids” which have the consistency of iron, but a low center of gravity and the attributes of a hybrid which help female golfers get the ball in the air. They have mid and short range irons that are designed to help improve turf interaction, and their own patented notch weighting make imperfect hits go farther.

Cons: It’s one of the most desirable and expensive brands on the regular market, at about $800 retail it’s difficult to find a set in good condition for a good price but it’s really worth the effort.

Brand Nancy Lopez Lady Ashley Elle 10-piece Full Set–

Again this is made by and for female golfers, a distinct advantage. The set boasts being made to be attractive as well; it’s a soft Champaign color that will appeal to many a woman with good taste. Performance-wise, it’s got oversized titanium drivers that maximize accuracy. The stainless steel fairway woods and the #5 and #6 stainless steel hybrid irons are all designed to have a higher loft, and the traditional irons are formulated to allow women to hit the ball higher and with a greater degree of proficiency. Overall, this is a fantastic mid-price option for female golfers.

Extra bonuses, it has head covers for the woods and hybrids and soft feel grips.

Cons: The same as the Big Bertha, Nancy Lopez’s brand can be higher priced and difficult to locate. However, its cost is around $400 retail so it’s about half the price of the previous model.

Understanding these female golfers brands and a few others at a time will help inform you about the features available in golf clubs and used golf clubs. For the best used clubs, click here for free classifieds womens golf

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